About Loom

Since 2011

Each towel is a documentation of old-world craftsmanship; time-honoured practices blending seamlessly with contemporary, considered designs.

  • Artistic Vision

    Established in 2011 by Mikala James, Loom’s vision is to maintain and preserve a place for traditional artisan-crafted textiles in today’s modern world.

    Our aspiration is to continue to work with weavers practising traditional techniques while producing emotive and artful designs Loom is distinctively known for.

    Each unique collection is exclusively designed by Mikala, utilising texture, pattern and colour inspired by the natural world.

  • Traditional Production

    Our experience with Loom’s weavers is a journey, it’s collaborative, considered and holistic. Ultimately it rewards with something beyond great textiles.

    Our decision to produce limited-edition collections ensures our production is kept in accordance with tradition, helping to sustain generations of weaving culture in Southern Turkey.

    The use of traditional shuttle-looms and time-honoured processes enables our towels to have a level of uniqueness and superior quality that is uncommon today. The result is soft and highly absorbent towels that have a strong structure making them extremely durable and long-lasting.

    Our process begins with the chosen threads being twisted to create thickness, then newspaper is placed in-between the threads while creating the large ‘cozgu’ roll of fabric. This is the natural way to prevent humidity affecting the cotton (rather than coating the threads in wax or chemicals).

    The head weaver then threads and prepares the shuttle-looms for the next 4-10 days before the meticulous process of hand-looming begins.

    Fringes and tassels are traditionally finished with hand-tied designs, some of which take hours to complete.

    From sourcing to finishing and every step in between, each piece is made sustainably in a fair-trade working environment.

  • Unparalleled Organic Quality

    We use only the highest quality Gaziantep-grown G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres and includes independent certification of key ecological and social criteria.

    In comparison to non-organic, organic cotton takes a lower of amount of water to grow, does not contaminate the soil or the people who are still hand picking in Turkey; it's far more absorbent, healthy against your skin, and has its own natural bacteria-fighting ability.

    Our standards of dying and pre-washing also ensure our cotton remains untreated, unbleached and non-coated.

    Our natural linen threads are sourced in Turkey and purchased personally by our partners in Turkey to ensure the best quality. Linen is more absorbent, breathable and long-lasting.

    The uneven character of this superior fibre means a weaver must slow down by 50% to weave linen - effectively doubling the time it takes to make a piece in comparison with cotton.