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Product Care

How To Best Care For Your New Towels & Textiles

Before First Use

To speed up organic cotton to be highly absorbent, a cold water soak is recommended prior to use:

Step 1: Make sure the item is completely saturated in cold water for 12-24 hours;

Step 2: Place the item on a gentle/delicate spin cycle;

Step 3: Line-dry or tumble dry on low heat (using a dryer will help to remove any excess lint).

After the first soak and wash it's natural that our products will tighten; the weave will contract about 1cm. (This will not occur for any items that are specified as 'pre-washed').

It may take a few wash cycles and uses for our products to become their most absorbent, this is normal with organic, untreated cotton and linen. 

Everyday Care

Everyday care is simple;

  • Cold - 40C machine wash on a delicate cycle seperate from items that may catch on the loops or tassels (like zips).
  • Use a natural detergent to keep our products soft.
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach. 
  • Low heat tumble dry or line-dry, and take care not to over-dry. 

Your towels will become softer and more absorbent with every use, lasting for many years to come.

Extra Tips

If any threads are caught or loose on your towels, don’t worry! Simply snip them off with some sharp scissors - it will not harm the towel.

Flat-woven textiles such as our peshtemals, blankets and kitchen tea towels need to have any loose threads pushed or pulled through - as you would a jumper. 

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