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The benefits of using a Face Towel!

When reading through the ingredients on your bathroom items, one item you wouldn't expect to see is plastic. However, a significant number of personal care products contain tiny particles of plastic, called microbeads.
While the idea of plastic flecks in skincare products is alarming enough, of far greater concern is emerging evidence that these plastic microbeads are finding their way into our waterways and embedding themselves in the marine food chain.

As a natural, environmentally friendly alternative, our 100% organic cotton face towels provide a gentle deep cleanse, washing away dead skin cells and other imperfections naturally. Using it daily is a simple way to keep skin healthy and glowing.


Simple Face Cleanser for Beautiful Skin


A great thing face towels can do is provide a good steam. While cleaning your face, massage your cleanser onto your skin, but instead of rinsing right away, run your face towel under the hottest water you can stand and wring it out but not completely. Lay the hot face towel over your face and let it sit there for a bit steaming your cleanser into your pores. When it starts to chill off, just wipe away your cleanser.

Three benefits I’ve personally experienced are: 

1. Time saving, when I'm in a hurry a face towel is great for a quick clean as it will grab and wick off the dirt from your skin more effectively than your hands and running water. 

2. Brighter skin, because it gently exfoliates my skin, the texture of the cloth when damp removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

3. Clearer and smoother skin, because this daily gentle exfoliation means I don’t get clogged pores, or flaky skin so easily!



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